A Comprehensive Review of the Black & DeckerLawn Mower

Keep your lawn in optimal condition with the Black & Decker CLM3820L2-GB Lawn Mower. Equipped with 2 powerful 36 volt Lithium-ion batteries, a robust 38 cm cutting deck and high torque, this easy-to-use, cordless lawn mower guarantees you a high quality cut in all grass types and conditions (long, short, damp etc.). You can use it to effortlessly mow up to 600m2 of lawn without worrying about inconvenient and messy extension cables. It comes with 6 easily adjustable heights ranging from 30 to 80mm to make sure you get the perfect cut irrespective of the height or type of grass in your yard or lawn. It also has a 2-year warranty on parts and labour. Find out if this Black & Decker Lawn Mower is worth your money in this in-depth review. We certainly think it is one of the best lawn mowers on the market at the minute.



38 cm Cutting Deck

CLM3820L2-GB lawn mower is equipped with a 38 cm cutting deck, which provides a great balance of maneuverability and cutting performance, making it ideal for homeowners with medium-sized lawns and yards.

35 Litre Capacity Grass Collection Box

The mower also boasts a large, sturdy 35 litre capacity grass collection bin, which eliminates the need for frequent emptying so that you can concentrate more on your work. There’s also a handy grass fill indicator to let you know once the bin is full.

6 Height Settings

Finding the right height for your lawn mower is key to having a clean, neat and level cut. Luckily, this Black & Decker Lawn Mower comes with 6 different cutting heights to choose from ranging from 30 mm – 80 mm. Setting the mower to your preferred height is fast and easy using the included one touch adjustment lever.

Large Rear Wheels

Cutting grass in hard to reach areas is made easy when using this lawn mower, thanks to its low profile nose design and large and sturdy rear wheels. The large wheels improve maneuverability in bumps and rough terrain.

Safe-Start Mechanism

Black & Decker CLM3820L2-GB is also equipped with a two-handed, safe-start mechanism to help prevent accidental starting. The mower will turn off immediately you let go of the safe-start switch.

Integrated Carry Handle

The machine has an integrated carry handle, which makes it easy and safe to lift to and from the shed/garage, as well as within the lawn. The mower also comes with handle clips that make it retractable for compact and easy storage.

Lithium Ion Batteries

The included 2 powerful Lithium-ion batteries get the job done quickly and effortlessly in all types of grass. Many customers have happily reported mowing their lawns for up to 30 minutes with just one battery, while the other is charging. With 2 batteries, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power before finishing your job.


High-Quality Cutting

The mower is able to cut grass of all types and conditions fast and efficiently, thanks to its large cutting deck, powerful batteries and high torque. More torque on the blades and less passes, ensure that all grass get the same treatment, resulting in a neat and level lawn.

Super Easy To Use

Everything about this lawn mower is straightforward, making it very simple to use for most people. For instance, the integrated carry handle makes it easy to carry around, while the large rear wheels and low profile nose design improve maneuverability in rough terrain. Adjusting the mower to your desired height is also a breeze through the included one touch single lever.


CLM3820L2-GB is also very quiet during operation, which means you can mow any time without worrying about disturbing the peace of your family or neighbours.

Saves Time

The fact that this mower is cordless means you don’t have to waste a lot of time adjusting the extension cord to avoid getting entangled, or disconnected as in the case of corded lawn mowers.


The only minor issue with this lawn mower is the fact that it’s somehow heavy, which makes it a little bit difficult to get around tight corners and other hard to reach places.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Despite the minor maneuverability problem, most users are pleased with this lawn mower, especially its excellent performance, safe and compact design, and the fact that you can mow freely without being restricted by a cord length. This is best proven by the 4.6 out of 5 rating and 23 customer reviews (mostly positive) it has received from Amazon as at the time of this review.

Overall, Black & Decker CLM3820L2-GB is a great investment if you are looking for a cordless lawn mower that is efficient, reasonably priced, easy to use and lasts long. Read reviews of all the best lawn mowers at lawnmowerhut.com

Training The Mind

WHD originated from the mind world. So, it is important to understand our mind world and mind power, as this is the eternal world and impacts our daily life and outcome.

A long time ago, I asked Great Grandmaster Han a question. “What can I do if someone in front of me is attempting to shoot me with a gun?”

He answered

“Change his mind.”

At that moment, I realized that we are actually able to use our mind power to change someone’s mind.

I remember when I was training in Korea years ago, visualization was my main method to practice WHD. There were many people in the WHD centre. We were busy so it was very hard for all of us to come together for actual training.

So, what we did was to use visualization in our own time. While meditating, I would focus and visualize myself in my mind training as if in the dojang with others. I could vividly see and feel the movements as real.

I realized that whatever I visualize in my mind had the same effect as the real physical training.

I was fascinated by this. I remember that I was in my car waiting for somebody one day. I was bored so I visualized myself fighting with 20 opponents in my mind. After a while, I was sweating.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t know whether something is real or imagined. Whatever we imagine and visualize is observed as a real happening in our subconscious mind and our body responds accordingly.

A scientific experiment was undertaking of athletes who were asked to visualize the race in detail. The electrical output of their muscles measured the same as if they had physically run the race. This opens up a whole new paradigm in thinking.

Therefore, you can actually train WHD at any time at any place in your mind through this powerful visualization.

I have been developing some meditations to enhance the ability to visualize, and to strengthen our mind power. They will be available to buy in the products page, if that is something that you are interested in.

Paleo For 40 Days

On Saturday Feb 16th, our Northpoint neighbours Cafe Blasta will launch their Paleo menu options with an event entitled “Paleo Living – The Healthy Option”. This event will feature free paleo food samples and 2 guest speakers to give infomative talks on the Paleo lifestyle.

Rachel Macmanus of SwingFit is dedicated Paleo practitioner, a competitive athlete and a seasoned fitness professional. She will talk on how Paleo can help with sports performance and energy levels.

Louise O’Mahony is a Nutritional Scientist who will highlight the benefits of following a primal eating pattern and answer questions you may have regarding the nutritional pros and cons.


On the strength of this event, we are posing a challenge for everyone out there to take on. 40 days starting from Monday 18th Feb (which takes you up to Easter weekend) of Paleo food, regular exercise classes and records of your progress. Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered in a draw for €200 of Shopping Vouchers because if you stick to the challenge, you’re gonna need some smaller clothes ;-)

Here are the rules:

Rule 1: 40 days of Paleo eating*. That means no grains, no dairy and no processed sugar. In order to prove that you’re being good, we need you to post regular food diaries on the “40 day Paleo fitness Challenge” Facebook Group Page. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just a quick snap of your meals and a brief description.

Rule 2: Regular Exercise Classes. You will be required to do 2 exercises classes per week at K2C. There are over 140 classes per week on the K2C Schedule so no excuses – there’s something for everyone. There will be a list of challenge participants at reception and a member of K2C will tick you off each time you train. 2 classes per week for the 40 days satisfies rule 2.

Rule 3: Before & After Report. On completion of the challenge, we’d like you to post a before and after report. A before and after pic with approx 50 words describing how the challenge was for you and what you achieved.

111*The Paleo diet consists of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, spices, herbs, meat and fish. The strict paleo does not allow root vegetables but we allow these in the variation we call “The Irish Paleo” (we can’t do without potatoes). Excluded are grain, processed carbohydrates including breads, pastas and cereals, Refined sugars found in confectionary, yogurts, soft drinks and energy drinks and lastly dairy products.

You are allowed 1 “cheat meal” per week in which you can eat whatever you like. Bear in mind, it’s one meal and not a whole day of pigging out. Be wise with your choices!

Other than that… Enjoy!

White Colar Boxing

On December 8th last, K2C/Fermoy Boxing Club held it’s first White Collar Boxing event in aid of charity. In all, approximately 25 beginner boxers stepped up in September to take on the White Collar Challenge – some with the intention of fighting on the show, others just for the training experience.

Over a 12 week period, under the supervision of coaches Paul Buttimer, Paul Griffin, Tomas Jacobs and John Bowes, the squad was trained up in boxing fundamentals including bag work, pad work, technique and sparring. Pairs of fighters were matched according to age, weight and ability and a date was set for a final showdown.

On the night there were 12 match ups ranging from total novices to fighters who boxed in their youth and some fighters from other disciplines such as Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo, MMA or Krav Maga trying out boxing rules for a night. All fighters wore 16oz sparring gloves and head gear and were closely monitored by both the referee and ringside medic for any discomfort or danger to their safety.

A healthy crowd of approx 200 spectators enjoyed an electric atmosphere spurred on by a live DJ and a full bar in the fantastic Commons Inn Conference Venue.


The boxer of the night (Anthony Robinson) was awarded with the Tomo Griffin Perpetual Trophy – a trophy in memory of the late Tomo Griffin (father of Paul Griffin) who also was the inspiration behind one of the charities for the event – Our Lady’s Hospice – Harold’s Cross. The other charity was Headway – a Cork-based brain injury rehabilitation association.

The climax of the show was an exhibition match between two of the coaches – Paul Buttimer & Tomas Jacobs – a fitting conclusion to a great night of pugilistic performances.

So the question is – Have you got what it takes?

The next White Collar Boxing show is schedule for April 2013 and we are now signing up new recruits.

One of the K2C Directors - Jimmy White - taking to the ring as a first time boxer at the event.

Train twice per week for 12 weeks with a superb team of boxing coaches to get into the shape of your life. At the end of the program, you can have the chance to be matched with somebody of similar size and experience level to fight 3 x 1.5 minute rounds with 16oz gloves and head gear. Whether you’re a total beginner, you’ve boxed for a bit when you were younger or even if you’ve been doing a different sport, White Collar Boxing is the most accessible way for people from all walks of life to experience the lime light and glory of the boxing arena.

Boxing training includes skipping, circuit training, jogging, padwork, bagwork, partner drills and sparring and all aspects of the training will challenge you physically and mentally.

If you’re interested, call down to K2C or give us a call at 021 4309693 or check us out on Facebook. We’ll give you the grand tour and help you get started. Boxing Classes are on weekday evenings, mornings, afternoons and even at the weekend so we’ve got classes to suit your schedule.

Top 7 Gadgets

We love our gadgets here at Really Interesting Stuff and below is out top 5 picks for 2015.
1. Surface 3

sirfacejpgMicrosoft at last collapsed and presented the less expensive adaptation of the ever prevalent Surface 2 model. It is lighter, littler, utilizes an intense ARM processor, and gives you the usefulness of a tablet, with the elements of a portable PC, in this genuine crossover gadget. Kickstand, touch screen, stylus pen, switch from screen to screen, watch or make a video, and completely inundate yourself with the immense components this smaller than usual gadget brings to the table to the genuine guru.


2. LG G4

lg4The genuinely stunning bezel-less screen is one and only of the numerous elements you are going to wonder about on this gadget. With one of the best advanced mobile phone cameras available today, a really smooth and itemized body outline, and one of the most elevated determination shows which has been set to a PDA, looks are genuinely noteworthy with this lightweight PDA model. It has a removable battery and expandable memory too, which makes it the main genuine leader advanced mobile phone with these components which merits putting resources into to date.

3. Pebble time

pebbleDespite the fact that the Apple watch turned out this year, this organization was its ancestor and actually, one of the first organizations out there to add to a really stupendous savvy for proprietors to appreciate utilizing. Incredible battery life, online and disconnected from the net elements, and a really marvelous value point, are just a couple of the components which are making this a standout amongst the most exceptionally bought contraptions in 2015, and a savvy which genuinely surpasses even the Apple item, which is far pricier. The freshest model offers a streamlined body, interesting configuration, and new programming and equipment, which are quicker, more profitable, offers more applications, and permits clients of Android and other working frameworks, to really get the most out of this little, smooth looking savvy.

4. Amazon Echo

echoAt first, it was offered on a “welcome just premise” to certain Amazon Prime Members. Today, it is accessible for any individual who wishes to possess this cool looking, sounding, and performing gadget in 2015. What would you be able to do? Set an alert with voice order. Set up your playlist for your workout the following morning? Check the climate with the touch of a catch or a basic inquiry which you ask to the Echo. It offers numerous “Siri” like components, however it is not about as expensive as an iPhone, nor is it almost as cheeky as Siri is with some of her responses to the inquiries you inquire. It is smooth, it is thin, and can without much of a stretch be set up anyplace in the home.

5. Apple Watch

appleWe cherish it, we despise it, we discuss it, examine, and in the end buy it. Regardless of what Apple tosses out there, notwithstanding when it is offended and called “a misuse of cash,” still appears to offer rapidly and effectively. With the capacity to join with your iPhone, check messages with a straightforward voice summon, leave a content by means of voice charge, check messages, set up a date-book, or basically check the time, the Apple Watch is another must have thing on the rundown. In the event that you are an ardent Apple buyer, or just love owning the most recent and most alluring devices available, then this is one of the numerous things you are going to put resources into this year.

Regardless of the things you plan on doing, what you appreciate, or what kind of devices you utilize frequently, these are a couple of the hot things this year, and must have things to date in 2015. In this way, for the genuine pioneer, and the person who dependably needs to have the most recent devices before their companions or relatives buy these things, these are the main 5 devices of 2015 for you to think about making as a speculation today.

6. Drones

Another gadget that has seen a massive rise in popularity are mini drones whch are remote controlled devices that can fly at ranges on average of up to 100 metres from the controller. The larger drones for GoPro cameras are also taking industry by storm, being used in movie making, professional videography and photography.



7. Digital Pianos

Gone are the days when it was only the wealthy and better well off parents who could afford to get their kids piano to play. Traditional versions 10 or so years ago were expensive (some still are) and were out of reach of many a family. Now with the increase of lower priced digital piano’s more people now have the opportunity of learning to play. The come in a variety of sizes with many different options and of course at different prices ranges. Check out reviews of some of the latest digital piano’s here.

The Revolution Of Steam Mop Cleaners

In recent years, steam mop cleaners have become very popular in the UK because of various reasons. According to statistics from reliable sources, the number of people buying these products both on and offline has been growing steadily. It has been attributed to the fact that even though there are many other ways of cleaning floors and other surfaces, none of them can come close to the advantages that these cleaners come with. If you have been wondering why almost everyone wants to own such a cleaner, here are some of the main reasons why this is so.


The ease of use


Everyone wants a cleaner that is easy to use. Even though it is good to find a machine that has lots of features, it would be useless if it makes your work too difficult. With this product, you do not have to use too much energy or skills. In fact, it feels as if someone else is doing your job for you and all that you need to do is to hold it. For people who have large areas to clean, this machine comes in handy because they can clean the area faster than when they use any other cleaning method.


The cleaning power


The cleaning power of steam mop cleaners is unmatched. If you want to clean up oily and sticky surfaces, this is what you need. You do not have to spend too much time worrying about detergents and other products that you would need to get rid of the oil. Anyone who has used these machines in the UK will tell you that regardless of the nature of the stains, you can always rely on it to clean the surface. Whether you are cleaning at home, office or even in a factory, this machine will help you to make the surfaces spotlessly clean.




The quality of a steam mop cleaner is what determines how long it can last. If you find the best quality, you can be sure that you will enjoy using it for longer than you can imagine. Since these machines are hard to develop faults, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the maintenance. With other cleaning methods, you would have to buy new products all the time. This will make you to end up spending too much money when you can easily avoid it by buying the right cleaner for all your needs.


As you can see, the benefits of owning steam mop cleaners are almost endless and this is the reason why they have become so popular in recent years, especially in the UK. You, however, should know that in order to enjoy efficiency when using these machines, you have to be careful when buying them. Not all the cleaners that you find in the stores can give you the kind of efficiency that you need. It also is important to identify the right supplier fir these machines and ensure that you only choose high quality ones in order to have the best experiences. Steammopshop.com have reviewed all the latest models and prices.

Best Way to Use Remote Control Drones

In recent years, there has been an increased use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or what are commonly known as drones. While some drone owners simply use the vehicles’ great photographic abilities for entertainment, these devices can be put to better and greater use. Stories abound of paparazzi using drones to spy on celebrities but there are many positive things that UAVs can be used for.
Reaching the unreachable

In the event of a calamity (an earthquake, a flood or raving famine) well-wishers will make donations but there might be no means to deliver the supplies to the victims. When delivery by motor vehicles becomes impossible, UAVs are the solution. By delivering medicine and food supplies, drones save lives.
Drones as an aid to conservation efforts

There is a time in the past when elephants were so heavily hunted down that it took global efforts to save their numbers. A ban on ivory trade followed and until recently the elephants have been relatively safe. Yet when the Chinese economy started booming, demand for ivory rose again and currently elephant poaching is on the rise again.

Without another global effort, the African elephant might soon be in danger. Poachers are an extremely organised and endowed group and their operations are sometimes near-impossible to monitor. In fact they are sometimes better equipped than the government agencies monitoring them. By use of drones, these agencies will be in a better position to not only keep an eye on the poachers but also to monitor the populations of the wildlife in danger.
As an aid to farming

Before the arrival of the drone, the only way a large scale farmer could find out the state of the farm was either by taking a plane ride around it or doing it the near-impossible way – walking! You can imagine how tiring it could be trying to walk around fifty hectares of land. With the drone, the task becomes not only simple but also exciting and fruitful. From the comfort of his or her home, the farmer will obtain photographs of the farm with details on the nature of the crops and what systems need to be fixed.
Make emergency deliveries

Before the arrival of the drone, the ambulance was the fastest way used to deliver medical emergencies. Yet the ambulance is not always as fast as it should be – there’s always the possibility that the ambulance could get caught in a traffic gridlock. A drone overcomes this by flying the supplies directly where they are needed and uses only a fraction of the time that an ambulance uses. Of course drones can be used to make other deliveries too.

Help fight crime

Legal considerations aside, drones can prove extremely useful in the war on crime. In some situations, they are perhaps the only effective means by which law enforcement agencies can use to conduct surveillance on suspected criminals.

Quite clearly, there are plenty of adorable things that the simple-looking drones can perform. With their prices falling continuously, perhaps the time is coming when most people will afford a drone. The website smashingdrones.com reviews the best drones for sale in the UK. Check it to help you if you ever decide to purchase one for any use.